What is the course about?

This course is designed to prepare individuals for the PMP® certification exam during their latter days of studying. It answers questions such as: What are the types of questions on the exam? What are some examples of the test questions? How should test questions be read? Are there techniques for determining the correct answer when there often appears to be two right answers? The PMP® Exam Crash Course will review many example test questions in all of the nine knowledge areas plus professional and social responsibility. This course will also assist you in finding and documenting the gaps in your knowledge, so you can leave the class knowing exactly what you know, and exactly what you need to work on prior to sitting for the exam.


Why you  Should Attend the course?

» Have focused training on critical concepts (like PERT, EVM, quality tools etc) where students have the most difficulty.

» Discussion of 5 sample questions for each 42 processes of PMBOK (total 210 questions).

» Review of critical processes, inputs, outputs, tools, techniques, terms, definitions, and formulas Strategies for approaching exam questions and selecting the correct answers.

» Have the latest information to pass the exam.

» Question handbook containing 420 questions on each knowledge area.

» Two hour half length mock test(100 questions).

» 16 contact hours towards the exam.

» Evaluation on individual readiness and personalized study plan.


What to expect?

Unique features of this course include crossword, exercises, case studies and other tools to help you understand—NOT MEMORIZE—the concepts necessary to pass the PMP exam.


Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to Marketing
Getting Started with Marketing FREE 00:12:00
It depends on your ability to take a risk on eating something when you dont know what it is.
Do’s of Marketing 00:10:00
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Dont’s of Marketing 00:20:00
Pie cake cookie halvah. Sweet soufflé marshmallow sesame snaps. Jelly sweet roll jujubes tart gingerbread icing. Lemon drops apple pie jelly-o.
Section 2: Marketing Management Theory
Marketing Research FREE 00:15:00
Topping jelly halvah cotton candy lollipop gingerbread. Wafer macaroon cookie carrot cake. Biscuit oat cake tootsie roll.
Marketing Planning 00:10:00
Oat cake chocolate cake macaroon ice cream biscuit tiramisu chocolate bar. Sweet roll tootsie roll cookie.
Marketing customer orientation 00:30:00
Applicake danish unerdwear.com toffee dragée unerdwear.com gummies croissant pudding. Sesame snaps donut chupa chups sweet roll liquorice cheesecake.
Section 3: Practicality
Marketing Strategies 00:10:00
Toffee cheesecake gummi bears chocolate macaroon cake dessert. Muffin macaroon tart applicake.
Marketing Plan 00:30:00
Chocolate marshmallow applicake candy canes bear claw topping gingerbread. Toffee sesame snaps icing chupa chups.
Course Quiz 00:08:00

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  • 16 Days
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    Key facts PMP

    37 hours
    12 evening sessions or 5-day long sessions
    Who should attend:
    The program is suitable for; » Persons interested in PMP® Certification » Project team members, » Project managers of all organization types who want to manage projects properly.
    Course methodology:
    PowerPoint Presentation, Interactive Lecture, Case Study, Classroom exercise, Question and Answer session.
    Materials and certificate:
    Courseware included handout, quiz, crosswords etc. Certificates will be awarded after the training.


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